Friday, December 27, 2013

Georgia Visit 2013

I'm going to scatter pictures randomly throughout this post! :)

Sooo glad I got to go home this year!

I got to see my mom, my dad, stepmom, step-siblings, nieces, nephews, grandparents, in-laws, one of my brothers, my sister-in-law, AND Kal's birth family. Whew. I was only gone 11 days, including the 2 days of traveling. And ALL of these people are spread out and not in one location, lol. My granny told me I should just stay in one spot and tell everybody to come to me, but I never do that. I try to make it easier on everybody else.

** place holder for picture of Kal & Grandaddy... find a copy of that one **


Having a good ole time.

Aunt Stacey.

My mama's dog. She cracked me up how she would snuggle under a blanket.

Me & my mama.

We were showered with gifts. And I felt like a punk because I didn't get anybody anything (my presence is enough of a gift, right? ha ha ha). We had early Christmas to the point that when we finally got home, it felt like Christmas was over. Well, almost!



Grabbing all the Georgia Bulldog gear off the shelves.

Went on a Christmas Home Tour of some historic homes in Marietta. It was so nice!

Kal and Uncle Doug.


Whenever I go to Georgia, the first thing I want to do is make a huge bonfire. I love yard work and burning things and my mom's yard is the perfect place for that. She always lets me know that she's "saving sticks" for me to burn when I get there, ha ha! But this time, it was pouring down raining almost the entire time I was there. Which I LOVE too! I miss real rain! Utah rain is like a sputtering, pitiful thing. I love a good downpour. But then... there was nothing dry to burn. But at the end of my trip, I vowed I was gonna MAKE something burn, dangit! And I did. And it made me so, so happy.

Pay no attention to the burned down fence in the background. That was from my younger, inexperienced fire-building days. ;)

I miss trees!

The house I grew up in.

Funny story about the rain... I rarely got a cell phone signal where I was most of my trip - out in the boonies! So I had to Skype Zay over wi-fi on my phone if I wanted to talk to him at all on my phone. And even then the Internet was soooo slow that it was a hassle. But, somehow there was this perfect moment. The Internet signal was picking up perfectly. I Skyped Zay and I was smiling so big, telling him all about my trip so far. He was telling me how much he missed his family and wanted us to come home. :) I stepped outside under the porch and said, "Can you hear the rain?" and turned the phone around so he could see how crazy the downpour was. Then we had this sweet little moment listening to the rain together and talking... and then... somehow... I slipped near the edge of the porch, my phone went flying into the air, and I fell forward... up to my elbows into a ditch full of water. I freaked out and was trying to save my phone from the water and MY GLASSES slid off the end of my nose! They started floating down the ditch in muddy water and I CAN'T SEE and I'm flailing around and yelling at Zay that I fell. I finally scramble around, find my glasses, grab my phone (which is fine), and Zay's just laughing at me and asking what happened. I'm dripping wet with mud, all over my face and arms and the front of my shirt and knees. With a scrape up my arm and a scratch on my glasses. Yeaaaah, that happened. Perfect moment gone. Ha ha.

*wondering how I've survived in life so far*

Anyway. So this was the longest time that Zay and I have been away from each other since we started dating in 2001. I think once I spent 5 days at girl's camp and once I went to Florida with my dad for 5 days. But since we've been married, we are rarely apart. EVER. Eleven days was a huge deal. And I was sooooo happy to see him when we got back! He was at the airport, grinning and waving. Tee hee hee! Best feeling in the world to see his face.

Kal grew up a lot on the trip. He always seems to have a spurt in development whenever we do something big like that. He speaks a lot more clearly and has added a ton to his vocabulary. He was super social with everybody unless we did too much visiting in one day, then he'd get grouchy (whoops, my bad). I think our next trip will go better because he'll be older and I won't try to do it alone, ha ha.


Can't wait till I'm old enough to sit in a rocker on a porch everyday. Ha ha.

Kal and Grandpa's new puppy.

It's just been a hard year and I got homesick and needed to refill my tank, so to speak. We weren't going to have a trip home this year, but I couldn't take it. Utah has been good to us, but life is making me want to move closer to home and have that support system of family. It's something we're contemplating. Trying to figure out where we'd really want to raise Kal (plus future children). Where we really want to live. Where we could see ourselves being happy. It's not an easy decision, but we want to be settled somewhere eventually. And I've got Georgia on my mind...

He loved this tractor; they drove it around all over the place, through trails in the woods. My dad even let him steer!


Waiting for breakfast. :)

Mr. Sassy Pants

Birthmama visit. :)

We made it back home to Utah safely, reunited with Zay (MY HEART!!!), and had a great time playing with the snow... for about 2 days. Then we were over it. Ha ha. :)

We've since had our own Christmas and are now all struggling through sinus infections. All 3 of us. Blah! We're laying around the house moaning until we get better. I'll post about Christmas soon!

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