Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Traveling Alone with a Toddler

Traveling alone with a toddler.... not my brightest move ever. BUT, lemme tell ya. I've been SO homesick. When life kicks your trash, you just wanna go home! So I did. And Kal tagged along. And Zay was one sad, lonely bachelor without us. Ha ha ha.

He could've come if I'd given him enough warning, but I had to get outta Utah! And quickly! Before the storm hit. And I did. Our flight was slightly delayed leaving Salt Lake City because they had to "de-ice" the plane, but we still made our connection in Dallas and made it to good old Atlanta as scheduled. Where my Daddy picked me up. Yes, I still call him Daddy. :)

It was a very hectic trip... not really conducive to a well-behaved 2-year-old. But he loved the actual plane riding. I explained it to him days beforehand and showed him videos of Mickey Mouse flying an airplane and of Superman catching a falling airplane (not sure if it was smart to show him a plane crash... but ya know, it was Superman). He loved the idea. And grinned so big when we took off and landed (when you get that rush in your stomach). He'd say, "Whoa-ohhhh!" Lol. And, "Swoosh!" Using his hands to show how the plane takes off and flies and then lands. He was simply amazing on the plane. No crying. Just excited to be there.

It was when we were in the airport trying to get to our gate safely and in a timely manner that I realized I should've gotten a leash for him to keep him near me. Say what you will about kids on leashes, but they make total sense when you've got a runner. I was so terrified I would lose him at the airport... when he thought it was a perfect time to "race" and play "hide-n-seek"... Working my nerves! I forget he can't sit still if there's so much wide open space for him to explore, so the airport was like a playground to him. I probably looked crazy chasing him down the terminal, weighed down with our carry-on bags. Wow. I'm just glad the bathroom he darted into was a Women's bathroom, or I might have been forced to do something awkward.

Smart things I packed: his tablet, fully charged with games on it... and snack food. That kept him focused long enough to get him from Point A to Point B without having a meltdown. He actually never threw a tantrum... he just thought it was time to play when it wasn't!!

I was exhausted by the time we got to Atlanta. I walked around in a circle for awhile trying to find where they dumped Kal's carseat. And my dad was waiting for me at a different stairwell and I couldn't find him. So I just crashed on the floor against a wall, carrying all our luggage, and called him and told him to come find me. Lol. Kal was running circles around me and pushing his stroller into people. I was so done at that point.

After all that, I wish our actual vacation had been more relaxing. It's always hectic because there's so many people I want to see in a limited amount of time. I always think I can do way more than I actually can. I forget to factor in Kal's attitude/ sleep schedule/ food schedule, etc. Hey, I'm still new to this mom thing! But it was fun and just what my heart needed. Early Christmas present to me. :)

Here's some "traveling" pics. I'll have to post a second time with my best-of photos from the trip.

SLC airport, had to update Zay every 2 seconds so he wouldn't be worried about us... so I sent him this pic. :)

Food stash to keep Kal happy/busy.

Checking out an airplane out the window.

Amazed about the idea of actually getting on a plane!! ha ha ha

The two-hour drive from the airport in GA is always the worst. But we made it. And Kal went right to sleep.

And this is on the way back! Interrupting Kal's nap time. It was super nice to have my dad walk us in and help carry stuff. Whew!

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