Sunday, January 5, 2014

"My Turn"

Kal's new thing to say is "my turn" when he wants something. "I want my turn." If I'm eating an apple, he'll come up and say "my turn apple" until I share it with him. Or "my turn jump on bed." ... "My turn watch show."

It's cute. :)

Anyway, we moved the crib from Kal's room so that he could have more space to run around in there. He's had a toddler bed for quite awhile now and the crib was just taking up space.

I hated the thought of taking it apart and putting it away in a closet somewhere. So I pushed it into our bedroom and took one of the sides off and pushed it against our bed. Now Kal can sleep right next to us when we have "sleepovers" (on the rare occasion that he actually sleeps in the same room with us, it's a special sleepover and he knows he has to go back to his room the next night).

Somehow this extension of our bed has made jumping on the bed that much more interesting. Lol.

Most days there's a point in the day when Kal and I look at each other and just nod enthusiastically, like - "you thinking what I'm thinking?" and we take off running for the bedroom and just go crazy jumping on the bed and pillow-fighting. Kal can seriously take a pillow to the head. He's so tough. Ha ha ha. With the crib there, it's almost like we're doing some parkour the way we bounce back and forth and all over.

Flying from the bed to the crib. This boy is nuts.

We were settling down at the end of a good pillow-fighting/wrestling match and I told Kal, "You know... this crib is gonna get used one day." I had went and grabbed an orange out of the fridge and was peeling it for him. Both of us sprawled out on the bed on our stomachs, kicking our feet in the air. I pointed to the crib and said, "It's for a baby. You'll have to sleep in your room like a big boy and the baby will sleep right here." He nods and says "mm hmm" like he gets it.

I said, "It's for a baby girl. She might be coming home soon. A baby sister. Do you want a sister, Kal?"

His given answer for almost anything is "no" these days, so I expected to laugh off his "no" response to my question. But he surprised me. He nodded and said, "My turn sister." I literally grabbed my chest when he said that, my heart was so full.

I couldn't help but get teary eyed and think, "Yes. You are so right. It IS my turn. It IS your turn, little buddy. We'll get our turn."

The best pose I could get him to do. Ha ha. :)

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