Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Interview with Kal

Inspired by THIS post over at Emmy Mom.

I sat down and interviewed Kal today... something I've been wanting to start as a regular tradition. It'll be so fun to see his answers change over time. I thought maybe I'd do it every year on his birthday, but the New Year felt like the perfect time. Plus we're no longer sick!!! Hallelujah! It's been a rough couple of weeks with getting over those sinus infections (plus Kal got an ear infection... fun).

Sick, sick, sick.

This interview was hilarious to do... and took about 30 minutes because I was laughing and he was making these faces and dramatically going, "Hmmmmmmmmmmm....." with his finger on his chin for every single question.

He stumbled over his words. I had to repeat the questions and explain what they meant sometimes. I'd never interviewed him quite like this before, so it was super fun to get his honest reactions when he most definitely didn't know what I meant by "favorite" or some of the other words used. But he was super cute and cooperative and that just made my heart MELT.

Side note, this entire past year Kal was in speech therapy - he tested into it in December 2012 and tested out of it December 2013. It did wonders. A year ago the only word he knew was "ball." Now he is a chatter-box. A lot of times I'm still the only person who can understand him. Even Zay has to ask me what he's saying sometimes. But he's rapidly picking up vocabulary and his speech is becoming more intelligible as we use the skills we learned from his speech therapist to teach him. I am so proud of the progress he's made and was grateful I sought out the help rather than let him get behind in development.

What's funny is that his gross motor skills when he was first being tested for delays were off the charts. He's super athletic and coordinated when it comes to anything sports-related, but he just didn't want to talk until he was 2. Lol. That tends to happen a lot if your child is further ahead in one area, they may lag behind in another. I'm just so glad I'm beginning to be able to have conversations with him. I totally want to know what's going on in his little head!

Name: Kal-El Rashad 
Age: 2 years 9.5 months 
Height: 3 feet 2 inches
Weight: 34 lbs
Shoe size: I don't understand kids' shoe sizes, but his say "10C"

Interview questions: 

Favorite Cereal:
{He's not a huge fan of sugary cereals or sweets in general.}

Favorite Vegetable:
{I think he likes broccoli the best, but he saw a can of corn in the pantry out of the corner of his eye.}

Favorite Drink:
apple juice

Favorite Toy:

Favorite TV Show:
the pig
{We were watching "Charlotte's Web" for the first time today, so he had that on his mind.}

Favorite Thing to do:
play basketball

Favorite Game:
Angry Birds
{He found that on his tablet and loves it, but I could've sworn he was going to say Plants vs. Zombies, because he asks for that all the time... SO CUTE to hear that sweet child say, "Zombies are coming, brains?" to request it. Lol.}

Favorite Book: 
"The Big Honey Hunt"
{I have read that dang book until I've memorized it. I have nightmares about it. IT'S STUCK IN MY BRAIN, MAKE IT STOP.}

Favorite Restaurant: 
the store, to get apple juice
{He doesn't know the word "restaurant"... plus, we eat at home 98% of the time... so "going out to eat" to him means going to pick up some juice at the store, apparently. Tee hee.}

Favorite Place to go:
friends' house

If you could change your name what would you change it to: 
MY name is Kal. YOUR name is Mama.
{Well, he's right...}

What is something mommy says: 
Mama say.... Don't touch that, it's Daddy's.
{I can't believe he pulled that one out of nowhere. Yep, I say that a lot. He wagged his finger at me too.}

What do you want to be when you grow up: 
{Complete with dramatic arm gesture like he's flying up out of his high chair. This boy's got an addiction if I've ever seen one. It's time for another "Superman fast" around here, gotta get it out of his system.}

What are you going to do different this year than last: 
I play cars game
{an app on my phone where he learns about different kinds of vehicles, guess he wants to get better at it this}

Who are your friends? 
Tommy, the green ranger
{From Power Rangers. I think "Tommy" is the only name that he knows other than "Kal" and he specifically knows him as "Tommy, the green ranger." He's my favorite too, Kal. Ha ha.}

What is one wish for the New Year? 
I wish... ROAR!
{This had me cracking up so bad, because I know he was confused about "wish"... I think he thought "witch" and tried to do a scary bad-guy roar with his claws up and everything.}

If I gave you $100 what would you do with it? 
watch the bunnies run
{I have NO idea what he's talking about...}

What are you afraid of? 
{I had to ask him, "What's scary?"}

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