Sunday, February 9, 2014

Clingy much?


Kal is totally like a little zombie, I've decided.

Always reaching for me, no matter where I try to hide. I close a door (just so I can pee, geez!) and little fingers poke under it and wiggle around to get me. There's groaning and high-pitched whines accompanied with this. He comes for me with out-stretched arms all day long.

I'm afraid he's trying to eat my brains!

Well, they do feel like they're leaking out of my ears sometimes...

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah...

Being a mother means never having personal space. Little elbows and knees are always digging into me in the softest places. I get accidentally hit, poked, punched, and head-butted on a daily basis. A busted lip here, a bloody nose there. This boy has a HARD HEAD. Being head-butted with that thing is like getting hit in the face with a wrecking ball.

My leg is pulled on. Chants of "C'mon! Mama! C'mon!" and "Mommy, Mama, Mom..." I have to block out while I try to think about what I was trying to do before I got distracted. I walk into a room and then I can't remember why I'm there. See? My brain is gone.

And I'm constantly soaked with something. Catching vomit in my hands, getting peed on, spilled milk, mystery liquids/stains that are suddenly just ALL OVER MY GOOD SHIRT.

He's something. A little clumsy wrecking ball zombie, perhaps.

But with the sweetest smile and funniest personality. :)

Who tells me he loves me and makes me just want to melt into the ground with happiness.

Whose daily request for "hugs!" I never, ever ignore and hope that he will always be so affectionate.

He will be all grown up one day. Off living his life without needing me, his mommy, as much. Hopefully we can teach him to be a very responsible, independent young man by then. These clingy days will be long gone. He's a mama's boy and I sure don't want that to change, but I know it will.

I'll miss these exhausting, absent-minded days. :)

And if he's NOT being clingy and is being suspiciously quiet, I know he's off with my phone, taking selfies somewhere. Like this gem. :)

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