Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shopping for a Baby Girl

I'm a practical person. I like things that are functional, not fancy.

Having a son makes that easy, because we got a TON of hand-me-downs from my nephew and haven't had to shop for Kal's clothes for almost 3 years. Isn't that crazy?

Now he's growing out of the last of the stockpile and we've been clothes shopping a few times recently. Super easy peasy. Anything that's warm, anything with sports or dinosaurs or trucks on it. He doesn't care, he just wants to play.

Seriously, piece of cake. He's a cutie no matter what.

Then I had the opportunity to dote on a new baby girl! Who didn't end up being my daughter, but I love her all the same. And shopping for baby girl clothes has been a whole different story! All of a sudden my practical-ness went out the window and I just wanted ALL THE CUTE THINGS. Pink, glitter, butterflies, princesses, sassy phrases, flowers, leopard print, dresses, tutus, the tiny shoes with bows, omg - it's all so cute... I can't handle the cuteness. Everything that I've gotten in the mail to send to Miss H has been so friggin' adorable! (Thanks again to everyone who is donating to this!! This has been an awesome service project!)

I seriously don't know what I'd do with a little girl, lol. I feel out of my element. Boys are easy. Girls are so foreign to me! I feel like I would end up spending way too much money on clothes if I ever got a baby girl.

Because of ALL THE CUTE THINGS. Lol.

Like this (eep!):


What are your favorite places to shop for kids clothes?

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