Saturday, February 22, 2014

"You Should Just..."

Stop trying to adopt. Have your own babies. 
(As if we're adopting solely for the fun of it.)

Adopt from foster care. Adopt internationally.
(Like we haven't considered all our options or like either of those options are easier.)

Use this agency, or that agency.
(Like there aren't a million agencies and many that require upfront or outrageous fees or only work in their local areas.)

Advertise yourselves more.
(I don't like the idea of having to pimp ourselves out.)

Try IVF. Use a surrogate.
(Hello, expensive. Plus, probably unnecessary. No one jumps right to IVF or a surrogate without exhausting other options.)

Try acupuncture, primrose oil, this that or the other that worked for so-and-so.
(Fertility is complex and personal and one get-pregnant-quick thing doesn't work for everyone.)

Relax. Have faith.
(Because it's my lack of faith that is keeping me from getting pregnant, right?)

Feel lucky you have only one child. Because I have (fill-in-the-blank number of kids) and it's hard!

Be grateful you don't have to go through pregnancy.

Get over it.

( -_- )

Don't you love people's comments?

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