Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to My Two Fave Guys!

Zay turned 32 at the end of February and Kal turned 3 a couple weeks later. 

Zay feels old. Too old. Like his body is creaking and popping and clicking when he gets up in the morning, ha ha ha. He is NOT old, but he acts like it. He didn't want a party, so we made very little plans. I made sure he ate 3 awesome meals that day: breakfast burritos with REAL bacon (I always buy turkey bacon), Sensuous Sandwich for lunch, and spaghetti w/garlic bread for dinner... I make a dang good spaghetti (when I don't burn it)! Plus fudge brownies and ice cream for dessert. All he wanted for his birthday was to take a good long nap, so he napped in the middle of the day and we watched whatever he wanted to watch when he woke up. And I put Kal to bed super early so we could have some alone time. It was a great day. :)

We celebrated Kal's birthday the weekend before his actual bday... it was gorgeous weather (Utah, you've been SO GOOD TO ME this winter!) and we spent most of the party at the park with him and his friends running around like little crazy people. Then back at the house for food and ice cream and cake! On his actual birthday I got to talk to his birthmama and I sent her a book of all the Instagram photos I've taken over the last year. Next year I think he'll actually be able to talk on the phone to her - right now he just gets shy and runs from the phone or holds it to his ear with a smile on his face without saying anything, lol.

Super Kal! Poster for his room. He LOVED IT, omg.

Making his cake.

He's "helping."

Trying to figure out the best (or hardest) way to make a cake I was envisioning in my head.

Creepy armless, legless cRaZyEyEs monkey cake...!

Figured out how to add hands and feet.


Kal loves monkeys and dinosaurs, so he was impressed. :)

We made some chocolate and sprinkles-dipped frozen bananas. I took a picture of the sprinkles and forgot the actual bananas when they were finished! Ha ha ha.

Chicken salad sandwiches and a few other goodies.

Very happy that the day was all about him!

Walking to the park.

He had so much fun. This is the only pic I could catch him in, ha ha.

I look better in black and white if I'm not wearing make-up! My face is too pink! :)

We all got in on the fun park action. HA HA HA. There's actually a hidden child behind Kal; we squeezed 4 people on that thing. :)

Let's see if we can get a good picture of these 3 buddies...

... I think this is as good as we're gonna get!

One of Kal's bday gifts. He was in shock. He opened it and said, "Oh wow look at that!"

I do believe we're gonna have trouble getting him to take this off! He silently stared at himself in the mirror for a good long while. He was AMAZED. Ha ha!

"We need dinozord power!" -- Kal

Kal is always a fan of the big kids! He loves his friends. It was a good day. :)

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