Friday, March 7, 2014

I Wore Pants to Church on Sunday

I'm a little behind in writing about this, but apparently there's some big feminist movement within the LDS Church where ladies are breaking the unspoken rule about having to wear a skirt/dress to Church on Sunday, and *gasp* are wearing pants as part of their "Sunday Best."

In the chapel. *SHOCKED FACE*


I think it's hilarious that "rebelling" in the Church can be something so ridiculously small and meaningless. Mormons are so cute. The whole "women wearing pants" thing reminds me of the hushed whispers one would get if one were to drink a soda with caffeine in it (that's how we spike the punch at Church dances...).

(To my non-LDS readers: caffeine is a no-no, an addictive substance.)

Anyway, I wore pants to Church on Sunday. Not because I was trying to rebel or make a statement about feminism or gender equality in the Church. It was because I couldn't find my dang black skirt and no other color skirt matched the shirt I already had picked out. So I wore my black pants. And I don't know if anyone noticed or not, but it felt kind of nice to not be in an actual dress to be considered dressed up. And I felt the Spirit all the same. Maybe even more so because I was comfortable.

I think I might wear pants to Church more often.

If you want to read something deeper about feminism and the LDS Church, I loved this essay entitled "I am a Mormon Because I am a Feminist." It hit the nail on the head for me! Women are celebrated in Mormonism for their divine nature right alongside men. It's one of the reasons I love the doctrine and continue to be a faithful member.

P.S. - I understand the point isn't about pants vs. dress/skirt... These women do have some valid points (not all that I agree with, but some) and should be heard and know they are supported and loved. I get it. The pants thing just makes me giggle a little. Another great article about LDS feminist complaints is HERE.

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