Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Package #2 and an Update on BabyGirl

Baby Girl made it home from the NICU almost exactly a month after she was born. She's doing fine now and is so dang cute and chunky! Seriously the chunkiest 8-week early premie! Her mom is fighting hard to do whatever she can to give her what she needs while raising her other children. I'm grateful she kept in contact and let us see pictures and shared how she was doing, despite having a change of heart about her adoption plan.

For so long we hoped Baby Girl was going to be our daughter. We waited alongside her mom for longer than we've ever waited for a particular adoption situation. Six months of waiting! Six months of nervously waiting and trying to get to know Miss H and planning the details of how everything was going to play out. Six months was enough time for me to get attached, even though I knew near the end that it probably wasn't going to work out. I still hoped. Six months would have been eight months if Baby Girl hadn't made a surprise appearance so early.

Thank goodness for that tender mercy. It was scary that she came so early and we all worried about her health, but the timeline being cut short for us was a blessing. It was over. The worrying and waiting was over.

Thanks again for all the generous donations I've received to pass on to Miss H. I felt like I had to do something and I'm so glad it was such a success. I was so impressed with those who were able to take the time to think about someone else that they'll never know, a complete stranger... and spend money on her. That is just amazing to me. Thank you.

It was well received. She thanked us for the first package, thanked us for everything. But since then we've told her it would be too hard for us to continue to see pictures or anything, so we're not connected via FB and she's deleted from our contacts. I sent the second package without a word. Just sent it off into the darkness. I don't expect to ever hear anything more.

And so we let go. Lots of deep breaths. Knowing we did what we could and we did the right thing trying to help her in that small way.



What we collected for Package #2:

1 baby blanket (embroidered with Baby Girl's name and birth date)
4 burp cloths
1 bib
1 book
4 toys
6 onesies
1 skirt
2 dresses
2 pairs of shorts
2 shirts
1 night gown
1 pair of leggings
12 pairs of socks
1 pair of shoes
1 tutu
$50 gift card

How cute are these slipper shoes??

Plus, a friend sent something directly to Miss H and she sent me pictures to include here (she is amazing and thought of the other kids in the family as well), so here's all this bonus stuff!!:

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