Monday, March 17, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 & Planning to Renew Our Vows

I mentioned before that we're coming up on 10 years of marriage this summer (right around Independence Day weekend)! I'm excited for this milestone and want it to be different than other Anniversaries. Extra special. For me, that doesn't mean much. I'm a super low-maintenance kinda girl. But I want it to mean something and be something that we'll remember.

We're going to read vows we've written to each other. I want a ceremony, even if it's just the two of us (plus Kal... he has to be there!). A dress. A tux. My hair and make-up done. Pictures. I want it to be simple and easy to pull off and stress-free, but special and intimate and different-than-usual. And then we'll take a little family vacation as a "honeymoon." We're thinking California. I need the beach right now.

One of my Valentine's gifts this year is getting family pictures taken. That's really what I wanted! But Zay hates taking pictures so much that it has to be a promised gift for a holiday or it won't happen. That's why there's so few pics of him on the blog in comparison to Kal and me! Ha ha. When I was thinking about renewing our vows, I entertained the thought (briefly) of going all out and basically having a wedding do-over: cake, huge guest list, bridesmaids, you name it. And this family picture idea was gonna be our engagement pictures do-over. But that's too much work! Lol. So, scratch that. It'll just be 2014 family pictures. I'll share them here whenever we get that done.

Actual Valentine's Day: We got all purty. Zay added to my collection of Blu-ray Disney movies. And made me a picnic. And we watched a classic '80s rom-com (Say Anything). And had a babysitter all evening. Loved it. :) Forgot to document until the end of the night (it's so hard to get this man in pictures!!!):

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