Sunday, April 6, 2014

Clomid Cycle #1

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Using up my last 3 cycles worth of Clomid... Cycle #1:

Journal Entries:

1/5/2014 - I started my period on Tues the 31st!!! I'm taking Clomid!!! I calculated when I should know if I got pregnant this cycle and I would be 8 weeks along by Zay's birthday - wouldn't that be such an awesome present to give him? I am really setting myself up for disappointment already, but it is so hard not to. I'd be 12 weeks along by the time Baby Girl is born and IF I get pregnant I FULLY intend on keeping it a secret, which I think I could if I was only 12 weeks. How exciting would that be?! Let's just say I'm gonna do everything I can to get pregnant this first cycle, lol. But I know the odds are stacked against us. Our caseworker let us know when she was available for a homestudy visit. I said how about the 9th? Texted Miss H Happy New Year and attached a picture of Kal with sparklers. Will she respond? Who knows. I don't care.

1/12/14 - Homestudy went well, piece of cake. Miss H has not responded about meeting with the lawyer even though I sent her a very direct email about it. She doesn't respond to any kind of communication right now. I have talked to lots of lawyers in Mississippi and have a couple conference calls soon. We'll see how that goes. I don't want to pay much, if any, money up front, especially when she's ignoring me.  I should be ovulating this week sometime, I've started taking ovulation tests and I hope I'm reading them right. They've been negative so far.

01/19/2014 - I ovulated!!! I think yesterday. Omg, I have never been so excited about my body doing what it's supposed to. I'm gonna take an ovulation test today to make sure it's negative and that ovulation did already occur. I was so worried about the ovulation tests not showing up right, but when it was positive it was easy to see. So we did NOT miss our opportunity! Haha. Zay has no idea why I've been seducing him a ton (I haven't clued him in on what I've been doing yet). I told him I was just trying to speak to him in his love language, lol. Now since I'm worried about low progesterone not allowing me to keep a pregnancy, I'm going to pick up some bio-identical progesterone cream to use at home for the next two weeks until I can confirm whether I'm pregnant or not. If I do end up being pregnant, I'll keep taking it at least till I'm 12 weeks along to help support the pregnancy and keep me from miscarrying. Taking the progesterone will keep me from having a period, so I can't count on a missed period to know. I'll just have to wait until about Feb 2nd - Grounding Day! - and take a pregnancy test. If it's negative, I'll wait a week and take another one. If it's still negative, I'll go off the progesterone so that the drop will bring on my period. Then I start over! Which is fine, because now I know the Clomid works! Whoo hoo! I've still got two more cycles. Two more chances if this time didn't work, but Dang I hope it worked! I ovulate pretty late in my cycle, about Day 19, so I almost ran out of babymakin' steam by then. Next cycle I'll know better and build up my babymakin' stamina for the right days. :)

01/26/14 - I picked some progesterone cream up after I knew I had ovulated for sure. Good Earth sells it. I worry about getting the progesterone cream on anyone else (I've heard horror stories of getting the cream on other people and screwing up their hormones), but so far I've managed to slather it on me twice a day and keep it to myself. I don't feel pregnant or anything, no cramping or implantation bleeding or anything. Halfway through the two-week wait! I'm gonna start baby aspirin too. I ran out of prenatal vitamins, so I'm gonna pick some up. Oh, and also Miss H had her baby Fri (8+ weeks early!!!) but wasn't sure about us coming (*sad face*). Waiting on her decision, gonna email her today. Found a great lawyer in Mississippi, but won't need her if this all falls through. The two-week-wait AND waiting to hear if we are gonna adopt a baby?? At the same time?? What a crazy time this is!!!

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