Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm Ready for Fertility Treatments Again

I'm actually behind on documenting fertility stuff on the blog, so here we go!

Journal Entries:

11/17/2013 - I'm ready to try to get pregnant. Officially. I'm ready! I'm taking all my supplements and my thyroid med. I'm making Zay take supplements he needs as well. I'm drinking more water and generally eating better and exercising more. My fingernails are thicker and longer, so I know the prenatal vitamins are getting in my system. I ordered 100 ovulation predictor tests and 20 pregnancy tests off Amazon (it came in a combo pack, lol). I'm just waiting for my period to start on its own (which could be who-knows-when) and then I'm gonna use up the last 3 cycles worth of Clomid that I have. It's expired, but whatever. I'm gonna use it up in a last ditch effort to get pregnant semi-sort "on our own" before moving on to insemination. If we're lucky, we'll just get pregnant before we see a specialist again, but of course that's not gonna happen, lol. I'm pretty positive the Clomid won't be the only thing we'll need to get pregnant. Insemination (IUI) is our best bet. But I want to use up this Clomid first just in case. Miss H has stopped responding to us and I'm so done. I'm not gonna chase her around and beg at her feet. If she pops up in March, we can handle that then. But I'm not counting on it. I'm not gonna travel just to see her if she won't respond to us. I'm sick of being treated this way with adoption. There's no way to not take it personally. We are good people, we are good parents, and we deserve better. Don't drag us along and lie to us.

11/24/2013 - My period hasn't shown up yet and I'm wondering if there is a natural way to induce it? I'll have to look that up - inducing a period after/during an anovulatory cycle. Before, I had to induce it with Progesterone prescribed by my doctor. But I don't have any leftover, so I'm just gonna wait it out. I got my ovulation predictor and pregnancy tests in the mail and decided it couldn't hurt to take a pregnancy test right then and there. As usual, it was a big bright obvious negative, lol. I didn't expect otherwise. Better get used to seeing that Negative test again! I expect we'll see a lot of those. While I'm waiting for my period to start, I'm practicing patience in preparation for all the crazy amounts of patience I'm gonna need throughout this fertility journey. Step one, wait for period. Step two, take 200mg of Clomid on Cycle Days 3-7. Step three, take ovulation tests on Cycle Days 8-20 (or until I ovulate for sure). I will be massively confused if I don't ovulate on that dose. I'll have to re-think my plan if I don't. Step four, have sex (the baby dance) about every other day after period stops, until I get a positive ovulation test. Then have sex that day plus the next day. Two days in a row. Maybe even three days. Step five, wait for period 14-15 days after the time I think I ovulated, indicating I DID ovulate but didn't get pregnant. Start over. OR, if my period isn't showing up, take a pregnancy test. Don't get upset about ovulating and not getting pregnant (which is what I expect will happen), because it usually takes fertile couples a few months to get pregnant. I have to remember that I'm NOT fertile and neither is the hubby. I'm just barely starting to take care of my thyroid. So, baby steps. This is gonna take time.

Next fertility post: Figuring Out My Thyroid

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