Friday, May 23, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend 2014

The day before Mother's Day, Kal & I (and some friends of ours) went to an Adoption Walk. Kal had a blast and I'm so glad I mustered up the energy to go to an event like that. This was the 5th year I've gone and the first year I haven't wanted to. I'm so glad I did, though. And that I had such good company with me. And Kal got to see his best friends in the whole wide world! It was fun. I couldn't help but think back to this time last year when I walked in honor of the woman I thought was going to make me a mother-of-two... but didn't. Man, that seems like an eternity ago.

The expression on his face in this one is hilarious. Chasing Kal with the camera gets the best giggles out of him!

Proud of himself for racing and "winning!" -- all the kids win, tee hee. He looks mad, but he's really just posing proud like Superman. :)

Then came Mother's Day. All I wanted that day was for someone to do the dang dishes that had piled up, cook me breakfast, and not complain while taking the usual Mother's Day pictures that I like to do every year. And that someone didn't disappoint. :) I would've been ticked off if he had bought me something. Gifts aren't my thing. I like quality time (a.k.a. attention!) and acts of service (especially cooking for me... that's a surefire way to my heart!). So, I got what I wanted. Can't complain, right?

Oh, but of course I can. Ha ha.

Kal was so grouchy all morning and I was getting frustrated trying to get him dressed and ready for Church. He was crying and I couldn't console him. Nothing was working and I didn't know what was wrong. Zay had to work part of the day so he missed Church and had left the house when Kal was smiling and happy, so he had no idea the meltdown I was facing. I had finally got Kal to stop crying at Church... and the moment he calmed down, he threw up everywhere.

He had been eating some grapes, so there was a nice trail of half-chewed, slimy grapes down his shirt, on his pants, on his chair, dripping down the side and onto the floor. I totally jumped because it came so abruptly and scared the crap outta me. I scooped him up in my arms and ran to the bathroom where he screamed and cried and I cleaned him up the best I could. All I could think of was how LOUD cries echo in the bathroom.

I came back to our seat and tried to scoop up all the vomit from the chair and floor. I packed up the puzzles he was putting together before all this went down. I passed off some binders of things that needed to be done later to another lady in the ward and said, "Sorry - I have to leave!" A guy asked was there anything he could do to help and I told him I thought I got it all, but if he felt like scrubbing up more vomit then go right ahead! I took off, defeated. I totally wanted to be at Church that day and was looking forward to hearing the messages, but I knew Kal just wasn't in any state to be out in public. My shirt was soaked. His was way worse and he was still crying uncontrollably.

I finally got him home, stripped him down, put his pj's on him, and put him down for a nap. He hasn't napped for months, but that day he fell asleep within seconds and he slept for 4 hours. As frustrated and worried as I was, I couldn't help but spend those 4 quiet hours (while he was asleep and Zay was at work) thinking how lucky I am to get to be the one who takes care of Kal when he's sick and tired and grouchy. Honestly.

It can be tiring and dirty and frustrating, but I'm a mom. I never thought I would be a mom. Never occurred to me that it was even possible. It took me at least 5 years into my marriage before I even entertained the thought. Now it's all I want and defines a huge part of who I am. Even covered in vomit I can recognize the beauty in what I have. I am one grateful mama and I still can't believe Kal is real and that I'm really a mom. It kind of blows my mind sometimes.

And luckily Kal woke up just fine. All chipper and happy and his old goofy self again, no fever or anything. Apparently he was just really tired, lol. Eventually we all went to the park and played with the ducks and took a few pics. It turned out okay in the end. :)

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