Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Life in Google Searches

It dawned on me that I Google a whole heck of a lot.

I was talking to my mom on the phone and the reason she was calling was that she couldn't figure out what type of oil to put in her car. So of course she calls me - 2,000 miles away - so that I can "look on the computer" and find the answer. She has her own computer, but when I tell her to "just Google" something, she has no idea how to do that. So it got me thinking about how often I search things.

In the last 3 weeks, I've Googled 307 times. That's craziness. I'm not on the computer that much. I think of myself as a casual Googler. But it is my first instinct when I'm trying to recall something, when I want to research something, or when I have even the inkling of a question, I Google it. I'm sure there are some more hardcore Googlers out there. But about 100 Google inquiries a week? Is that really necessary? Ha ha.

It was interesting to scroll through and see myself in my searches, though.

I Google when I'm trying to cook:
* strawberry muffins
* can I use baking soda instead of baking powder
* orange blueberry muffins
* low fat low sugar lemon pound cake

We're always baking something. It's bad. Every night we get a sweet tooth and try to figure out what we can bake. I try to make it "healthy" with whole wheat flour and fruit, but it's a pan full of gluten and sugar and fat, always. We need to do better!!

I Google fun things for Kal for our "school" that we do in the mornings. He's so good at jigsaw puzzles and has been mastering bigger ones and more complicated ones. I kept buying Melissa & Doug puzzles off Amazon. Then it occurred to me to save some dang money and Google "free online jigsaw puzzles" ... Boom, done. He has a million puzzles to do now. Genius. He loves it and is so good at it. They're kind of easier to do online because the pieces don't actually rotate/turn, so we do much bigger puzzles than he's used to so it gives him a challenge. Plus, he's learning to maneuver the mouse and click and drag things. Kids these days! I didn't really use a computer until high school! I wonder how technologically advanced things will be when he's in high school.

Of course I've gotta Google the usual funny/interesting/weird things, like:
* two sentence horror stories

* white girl problems

* redneck storm shelter

* goblin shark

* deep sea isopods

How creepy is this thing?? It's like a roly poly as big as a house cat!

* frozen goat version

And I've GOT to catch up on my favorite shows every once in awhile (I hate when the season I'm on isn't on Netflix!):
* watch season 5 of Parenthood online
* watch season 4 Walking Dead online

But OF COURSE, most of my searches are fertility/health related:

* side effects of Provera
* what dose of melatonin is safe
* how to calm down from anxiety
* how to relax before fertility treatments
* success rates of IUI with PCOS and low sperm count
* symptoms of high testosterone in women
* trying to conceive blogs
* pregnancy success stories after 10 years of infertility
* ethics of IVF
* cryopreservation of embryos
* IUI with 1 million sperm success
* IUI with 5 million sperm success
* healthiest way to increase sperm count
* what's the difference between Provera and bio-identical Progesterone
* reasons why IVF doesn't work
* reasons why IUIs fail
* Fertilaid
* IUI success rate with under 1 million sperm count post wash
* Men taking clomid
* what does a Urologist exam consist of
* does double insemination increase success rate
* IVF with ICSI pregnancy success rate
* Reproductive Care Center IVF with ICSI success rate
* can Provera be used to regulate cycles
* how much does Femara cost out of pocket
* how to regulate cycles with PCOS
* alternative for Metformin for PCOS
* hypothyroidism effect on fertility

If my Googling is a good representation of what's going on in this brain of mine on a daily basis, then DANG. Overload! I need to take a break from the fertility craziness and try Googling more news bloopers or prank calls or something, geez! I'm a researcher, though. Once I get something in my head, I want to read everything I possibly can about it. I did the same thing with adoption. I just have a one-track mind, I guess. Can't multi-task. Gotta go all or nothing!

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