Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moving - A Little Move and a Big Move

The last 10 years are jam-packed with memories. Of all the fun we've had here, learning experiences, all the people we've met (a ton if you consider school, work, all the different congregations we've attended, and acquiring hair clients who come and go), the friends we've made, people we now consider family, more learning experiences, education, work, pets, developing talents, learning how to be married, mistakes made, growing pains, drama, a handful of very weird people, adapting to the culture shock of moving to Utah (and then the culture shock of visiting Georgia and forgetting how it used to be), learning who we are in the Gospel, losing friends, growing up, battling through infertility, adoption, becoming parents, moving soooo many times (we just moved into our 8th apartment, the 4th apartment in Kal's short life), and even more learning experiences.

I know how I am about reminiscing, so I know when we leave this place for good I'm gonna spend lots of nights sitting out by a fire somewhere under the gorgeous Georgia night sky... thinking about good ole Utah and what it's done for us. And laughing at some of the ridiculous/crazy/awesome memories we've got stored up.

A few years ago, I never thought we'd go back "home" to Georgia. We are so far removed from who we were when we lived there. But one thing led to another, and now we know where we need to be. Despite all we're going to miss and how much of "us" was created right here in Utah... we are going to move to Georgia next year.

At first, I was the one to say it out loud. Zay thought I was nuts. Then the more he thought it over, the sadder he got when he thought about the life we've had out here and what we would be giving up. We talked and I remember telling him that the memories will still be there... they aren't going to disappear just because we leave. All we want and need out of life is each other. If we have each other, it doesn't matter where we are. Eventually he recognized that it was time to move on. I didn't pressure him. He came to it on his own.

We just barely moved to our very last Utah apartment. We'll pack up and drive across the country when our year's lease is up. But just the couple weeks we've been here... we LOVE our new place. We've been spending every evening out on our front step, feet in the grass, watching the cars go by, looking out over the peach orchard that reminds us of Georgia and out to the beautiful view of the mountains and Provo Canyon... and for a brief moment we both thought, "We're going to love it at this place and we're not going to leave Utah as soon as we thought." I felt conflicted about that, but I thought it might be true. We're gonna be so happy here. It's much easier to leave if we hate it here, right?

Moving Day. :D

Watermelon strawberry banana smoothies in the front yard. Mmmmm.... tastes like summer.

Zay was up tossing and turning one night. I felt him get up and leave the bed. The next day he said, "You were right." I had no idea what he was talking about, so I said, "Of course I am." Ha ha. "What am I right about?" He said he knew we are supposed to move back to Georgia next year and that he had been up thinking about it all night. I was surprised he had come to that conclusion himself. We both acknowledged that it's going to be sad, especially if we really do have the best year ever that we've been imagining at this new place. We're going to go out with a bang and leave Utah with nothing but happy memories.

Life is about change and growth and new chapters. And for us that means coming full circle and returning to a place we were so ready to get out of 10 years ago as newlyweds trying to take on the world together. I think that's where we should do Foster Care. I think that's where we should buy a house. That's where we'll get to be around family again. That's where we'll raise our kid(s). It's scary, but it feels right. We have our plans, but really who knows what God's got in store for us there? I think that move is going to be fruitful beyond what we can see right now, but we're going to go with where we feel guided and take that leap of faith. And in the meantime, we're going to enjoy the heck out of this last year here and see what we can make of it!

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