Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spring Didn't Last Very Long

We had a warmer-than-usual winter (thank goodness... the winter before last depressed the heck outta me), then it snowed/hailed in May (whaaaat), then we had about 2 weeks of Spring. That is all. Ha ha.

It is definitely Summer weather now and we're thoroughly enjoying the heat. I LOVE IT. Despite all the fertility drama going on, life was going pretty dang smoothly for awhile there. (I say "was" because we've been moving and contemplating big life changes and then everything felt hectic again... but I'm hanging in there till we find a new groove.)

Here are "Spring pics" I got of Kal the 2 weeks we had pretty flowers in the yard. He is growing up so fast! In the place of my itty bitty baby boy, there's this mini-teenager now. Craziness. Toddler craziness!!! Ahhhhh! Nothing can prepare you for the battle of wills with a 3-year-old.

Kal taking pictures with my phone.

He's so artsy with the dandelions, ha ha.

My big ole 3-year-old.

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