Saturday, July 12, 2014


My child, along with everyone else's it seems, fell in love with Frozen the moment he watched it. Yep, boys love it too. Ha ha. I know everyone's sick of it by now, of course. But I never wrote about it and I think it's important to document Kal's love for this movie!

Every night I ask Kal what song he wants me to sing before he goes to bed. The usuals are "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "Popcorn Poppin'," "The Wise Man & the Foolish Man," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam," and "Let It Go." Seriously. And I have to sing the whole thing from the beginning or he'll correct me (sometimes I try to cheat and skip parts). When we're walking home from Church on Sundays and I ask him what songs they sang in Nursery, he'll say, "Let It Go!" and I'm like, "No you didn't!" Ha ha. He just giggles.

Personally, I think the movie has too many plot holes...

Video of Everything Wrong With Frozen In 10 Minutes Or Less (Warning: language!):

But I think the music is fabulous, so I don't mind watching it as long as we limit it to once a week. Ha ha.

A friend told me about an event a local animal shelter was having and "Anna, Elsa, and Sven" would be there. I told Kal about it and he just lit up. YES, I wanna see Queen Elsa! YES, I wanna see Princess Anna of Arendelle! Tee hee. I hear him playing in his room by himself sometimes and he'll be announcing all dramatically - "Princess Anna... of Arendelle!" Makes me giggle.

That morning I got him ready and told him there would be lots of fun animals there. And that we'd get to meet Elsa and Anna. He was thrilled. We got there and the first thing he saw was a FIRETRUCK. All thoughts of Frozen went out the window and he was glued to that thing. He crawled right up in it, took a seat, and was trying to figure out how to buckle himself in. I only managed to talk him out of the firetruck by telling him that there was an actual fireman jacket and helmet and gloves he could put on! I didn't get a picture of him all loaded down with the heavy fireman gear... but he was SO CUTE!

They had lots of animals there from animal rescues in Utah.

Kal had no qualms about walking right up to this alligator and petting its tail. Apparently someone had tried to keep this thing as a pet for a few years before it got taken away from them. You can't keep alligators as pets!!

"Sven," the reindeer

We finally found Elsa & Anna... and Kal was terrified. Wouldn't look them in the eye. The ladies were so sweet to him, though. Referred to him as Prince Kal. He was just too overwhelmed in their presence, ha ha ha.

Shoving food in his mouth to avoid looking directly at them. Star struck, I guess!

Elsa's hair cracks me up in this one, but it was the best shot we got! :)

We ended the day standing in a very long line for balloon animals. This lady and her balloon utility belt was funny, but she was good at what she does... and looked exhausted!

Sword fighting with their eyes closed, lol.

It wasn't till we were leaving that Kal was like, "I need Queen Elsa!" and he was all sad that he didn't talk to her. Too late, kid!

The Frozen love continues, though... We went to UVU with some friends last night and watched the sing-along version and ate popcorn and ice cream. It was fun! Something about this movie makes kids go nuts and I had to hold Kal in my lap a few times when he was just getting TOO wild to get him to settle down. But I love little kid events like this where everyone expects the kids to go crazy. :)



Being goofy with his friends, hiding under blankets.

The gang.

Got to steal this lil babe. She doesn't snuggle with anyone but mom, but she loved me! :)

Precious!! :)

Mmmm... chocolate.

Thanks, Frozen. For being such an awesome source of fun for this boy!

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