Tuesday, July 29, 2014


A friend of ours had some extra passes to Lagoon and Zay had to work, so Kal and I jumped all over that opportunity! Love when that happens. Wish Zay could've come, but he really doesn't enjoy amusement parks or crowds or traffic, so he probably wouldn't have had as much fun as we had on our own. Oh, well. To each their own. :)

When we got there, it hit me that Kal was going to be getting on his very first amusement park rides!!! Ahhhh! I'm too overprotective for this! Ha ha. Nah, I pushed him into the first line I saw and was super excited for him. The littlest things mean so much when it's your kid. I'm in love with every little milestone he reaches. He was pointing at this ride and that ride, wanting to get on all of them at once. Zay wanted pictures, so I texted him along the way.

I texted my friend and tried to meet her at this big ladybug ride so she could bring me some sunscreen before I burned. I told her, "I'm by the ladybug." And like 10 minutes later she showed up laughing because she couldn't find it and was lucky she caught sight of me. She thought it was a mushroom when she finally saw what ride I was talking about. She told me, "I went up to this lady and asked her where the ladybug was and she looked at me and was like, 'Ma'am are you ok?' Whaaaat. I don't get it. She acted like she had no idea what I was talking about, so I was all confused. Like, huh?" HA HA HA. I could not stop laughing at her after that. I kept asking her, "Hey - are you ok???" The lady probably thought she was drunk/high/crazy... something. I could totally see that. "Ma'am are you ok?!" HA HA HA.

Kal makes instant friends anywhere he goes, so meeting my friend's son for the first time (who's way older than him) didn't faze him in the least. Immediate friends. Kids are awesome that way. I love how social Kal is. They ran around like crazy and I confirmed what I thought I knew about Kal - he's definitely a runner and one of those backpack leashes would've been amazing at a place like that to keep him close to me. I'm not a fan of darting through crowds to find my child.

He had a blast, so I did too. Only a couple of meltdowns because I wouldn't let him ride a ride more than 4 times. Oh, boy. I'm a mean mom, I guess. Lol. I let him get on most rides by himself and I watched from the sidelines, just beaming at him. He's getting to be such a big boy! We got on some of the bigger rides together, roller coasters and everything. And he would be scared, but after it was over he'd want to do it again. Ha ha. Silly boy. We even got in the very first car of a roller coaster and was so proud of him! Cuz I was scared! Ha ha. He kept trying to throw his hands up, but then get scared and grab onto the safety harness.

The ride we waited the longest for was Rattlesnake Rapids. That one's fun because you get SOAKED. Kal was terrified of the water, so when we were headed under a waterfall I threw my shirt over his head to try to protect him... ha ha ha... it didn't work. 

I spent my whole day ushering him from one thing to the next. I don't know how many hours we were there, but I sure slathered on that sunscreen and was actually surprised I didn't burn more. I burn so quickly. My friend's company served us all lunch and gave out prizes. That was awesome. We ended the day at Lagoon-A-Beach, where Kal went down water slides all by himself and everything. He LOVES the water. It's so weird that he's afraid to touch it at first. I definitely need to get him into swimming lessons.


This is the ride he had to go on over and over and over, because there were different color cars and he had to try them all. :)


This one shoots water at you and you have to move your car up and down to avoid it (or hit it if you want!)..

The ladybug ride... ha ha ha.

His first ride by himself! He'd go, "Whooa - oh!" and smile big. :)

Lagoon-A-Beach & Rattlesnake Rapids

Friend's boyfriend... he doesn't like amusement parks either. Ha.

Good times. :)

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