Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer is for Swimming

As soon as we moved, we had to stake out the nearest swimming pool. It is entirely too hot not to! For Utah to be known as a snowy place, it most definitely does get hot and bright in the summer. Gah! It's a desert, I have to remind myself. So we found a pool in the shade, 2 blocks away at a friend's apartment complex. YES... our summer is SAVED. And my pastey white self can stay safe and pale in the shade while still getting my swim on, lol.

Kal has a love-hate relationship with water so I'm trying to get him used to it. He's terrified at first and fights me and then when he's in, he loves it and cries when we've got to leave (we're only leaving because we've been there for hours, geez). Any tips on getting kids comfortable with water? Swimming lessons, maybe? I want Kal to be comfortable in the water and know how to be safe. I had to teach Zay how to swim when he was already a grown man. That ain't happening with Kal, I know that much!

I love swimming. One of my favorite things to do. Can't wait to be in tip-top swimsuit shape again (I'm getting there! slooooowly). I'll still blind everyone with my white skin, but I don't care. I embrace my paleness. I'm basically translucent... it's pretty cool. We have a wide range of skin shades in our family. :) 

My super tan boy! As soon as summer hits, he gets deep brown. Love it.

You know what the best thing about pool pics is? Spotting other folks in the background...

Friends. :) ... and a couple of fun random folks in the background.

Me & Kal... and someone's back... and someone's toes. Tee hee.

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