Friday, August 1, 2014


So, my doctor wants me on a low-sugar, low-carb diet... and I just haven't been able to do it. In fact, I'm doing worse just because he told me that. Ack! Any tips? I've been reading for inspiration, but it hasn't hit me yet.

We've had a few BBQ's this summer and who can turn down BBQ chicken, honey jalapeno cornbread, baked beans with brown sugar, and peach cobbler and ice cream? I don't know, I sure can't... won't... don't. I've been doing better at limiting my portion sizes to a more reasonable amount and I've learned how to consume tons more veggies in my diet (green smoothies, yay!), but still. I'm having a hard time limiting carbs and sugar.

We had a BBQ to break in our new place and invited a bunch of folks. Our Bishop even stopped by and was like, "My wife's gonna kill me - she made dinner tonight!" as he was downing some good ole Southern cookin'. Ha ha ha.

The kids and the men-folk shot basketball and we all sat around and talked and ate. It was fun. :)

My favorite quote of the night was Zay, holding a friend's new baby: "I don't get it. I don't know why babies love me. I try to be as intimidating as possible. I guess they see my spirit." Lol.

Pictures! And a couple videos! Sometimes I take videos at the most random times. When nothing specifically special is happening. Just because I like to document normal moments in time. Things I'll watch back years later and remember how I felt in that moment. So, yeah. That's what I did here. :)

Peach cobbler, after it was already half-eaten. :)

Kal trying to block shots.

Zay shooting one-handed.

Love this basketball form! Ha!

I <3 my friends.

Love that face!

Always trying to keep up with the big kids. :)



P.S. - My dad felt like he needed to tell me to put water or sand in the bottom of that basketball goal before someone got hurt. Ha ha. Yes, yes I know. We filled it up with water, but the wind still blows it over, dumps the water out, and then we forget to fill it back up. The wind is fierce here and that goal doesn't stand a chance, especially when we make it really tall. Meh, no one cares. It's plastic. Ain't gonna hurt nobody. :)

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