Thursday, August 7, 2014

How Zay and I Got Engaged

We're celebrating 10 years of marriage this year. I wanted some kind of "do-over" for our engagement photos. We didn't get professionally done photos back in the day and wanted something a little nicer.  I wish I could find any of our old engagement pics, but I can't figure out where I put them right now.

We are just too goofy to do "romantic" poses (and Zay looks bored), ha ha. But we tried. This was so fun! Angie Harwood Photography did these for us in Provo. She got family shots too, so I'll post those too a little later.

The "How Zay and I Got Engaged" story goes something like this... We were dating only a couple of months and we already knew we wanted to get married and had talked about it, so it wasn't a surprise. To me, he was the most intelligent and mature man I'd ever met and it blew me away that he wanted to be with me and accepted me for all that I was (and am). Zay wanted to wait till that Christmas to officially ask me, but he couldn't wait that long. He spent his whole paycheck on a ring (like 300 bucks) and I was super pissed at him for spending that kind of money on me. 1) I don't like jewelry and 2) I have a poor man's mentality... $300 seemed like way too much.

I remember 3 different proposals, because I know I made him re-do it a couple more times after we would "break up" and get back together. I would throw the ring at him all dramatically during a fight and then he would re-propose later when everything was good again. Lol. Teenagers!!! So, I honestly can't remember which proposal came first.

One was in my front yard. He told me he loved me and asked me to marry him and he put the ring on my finger... and I fussed about him spending his whole paycheck, but grinned and was so excited that it was "official." For the record, he was the first one to say "I love you" in our relationship. It shocked me and he asked me if I loved him back and I said, "Ummmmm... I have love for you." Lol. Poor guy.

Another time we were out on a date at a bowling alley and he had written this long proposal on a napkin and he let me read it... or maybe he read it to me. The details are fuzzy. He may have gotten me flowers. I can't remember. But I still have that napkin. And the box my ring came in. They are tucked away safe and sound in a box with all my other treasured mementos and love letters (we wrote lots of love letters to each other and he drew me lots of pictures).

A third time, we were driving to my house and it was raining and I was upset about something. I was angrily looking out the passenger window at the water running down the glass and he pulled over on a bridge, got out in the pouring Georgia rain, and came to my side of the car and knelt down in all the rushing water on the street/bridge and proposed to me again, apologizing for whatever he did to tick me off. I freaked out and told him that was dangerous! And told him to get in the car! Ha ha.

Needless to say, eventually the proposal "took." We got married the summer after I graduated high school and have been growing up together ever since. Out here on our own, adjusting to adult life, college life, Utah life, and now being parents. We've been through a whole heck of a lot together. And this man has stubbornly loved me no matter what I or he was going through (I could probably say "loyal" or "dedicated"... but "stubborn" kinda works). :) Ten years into marriage, thirteen years together... hindsight is 20/20. We were definitely meant to be together. He is all I've ever needed, my partner in crime. ;)

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