Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Nephew

I love this boy to death. He changed my life and his birth set me on a path that led me to wanting to be a mother. Any chance I get to see him now that he lives out of state is a blessing. I've gotten to see him twice this year so far and that makes me SO HAPPY! Because I know we won't see him much if & when we move back to Georgia. I'm taking advantage of how relatively close he is at the moment.

He is so grown up and looks just like my brother when he was a kid. He's obsessed with zombies (me too! must run in the family...) and is super goofy. I didn't get a chance to get to know my niece very well because I was young when she was born (she's a teenager now) and she lived far away too, so I hope I can do something to reach my nephew and help him remember me over the years. I don't get to be an aunt much and I wish I had that opportunity.

My brother picked him up a couple superhero toys and the movie 3 Ninjas for his birthday. When we were kids, we watched that movie thousands of times, I swear. While he's separated from his son temporarily, he thought that might help them feel closer. They talk about the movie on the phone now and it's just so cute! Brings up old memories and makes new ones at the same time.

I remember when it was the 5 of us (me, Zay, Kal, my brother, and my nephew) all living in a one-bedroom apartment for like a month. We had just adopted Kal and my brother needed a place to stay and it was an interesting time. It was hard. But now I miss how close (figuratively and literally) everyone was back then. Everyone has gone in different directions and change can be hard sometimes. It was living in that apartment that my brother learned that his mother-in-law had died in a plane crash. That was painful, to say the least. My heart jumps to my throat every time I think of her and how my nephew won't remember his grandma because he was so young when she died. She loved him SO much. Soon after that is when my nephew moved to Colorado with his mom and life hasn't been exactly the same since. Road trips to see him help piece my heart back together a little bit at a time.

Me & my bro left bright and early.

Switching drivers.


Kal and his "Unka Gosh," as he says

Cousins. :)

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