Saturday, August 2, 2014

Splash Pad

Honestly, before I became a mom... I had no idea what a splash pad was, lol. Didn't know they existed. Didn't know where any parks or schools were. No idea there were mommy groups and playdates and so many kids' birthday parties happening. The mommy scene is interesting. Especially here in Utah where there are sooooooooooo many moms and moms-to-be. Since I started staying home with Kal, I've jumped in and let all the other moms show me the ropes. It's been a cool experience.

If I can get Kal to get over his initial aversion to water, splash pads are perfect. It is HOT HOT HOT this summer, so I sit in the shade and talk or read while Kal gets to be entertained by dozens of other kids and shoot water guns and splash around to his heart's content. It's nice. I still don't know why he takes so long to warm up to water, so I'm going to look into getting him into some swimming lessons so that he's comfortable around it and not so nervous.

I needed a girls' day, so my friend Jen & I took our kids to a splash pad and talked for a little while. Then we headed out for some shopping. I never ever ever go shopping. Especially for myself, so it was nice to get some things I wanted. I try to get family photos taken once a year or so, so I needed something cute for the photoshoot. :) The best part of staying home with Kal has been the flexibility in my schedule and getting to do fun things on a whim. I'm really trying to enjoy every minute of it right now.

Helping me try on shoes.

It's my goal every day to get Kal so exhausted that he takes a nap. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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