Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Den Leader

I was told 5 minutes before Sacrament one Sunday in July that I'd be given a calling after the meeting. I thought about it that whole hour and wondered what it would be. I'd gotten away with not having a calling for a couple months and had enjoyed that break from church service. :)

I wasn't ready going into that meeting. I knew it was going to end up being something different than any of the callings I'd had before. I just knew it. I prayed for that hour and tried to prepare for whatever it would be. I had this spiritual confirmation that I was on the right path... that I was right where I was supposed to be and that the Lord wanted me here. One of the hymns we sang was even "Come, Come, Ye Saints" ... which has been my favorite lately... I could also hear it being sung in another room... AND it was quoted in someone's talk.

Everything just felt right in that moment. God knows who I am and knows what I struggle with and has guided me to this point and I'm here right now for a reason. I felt like all the hard choices I had been making in life right then were good and acceptable and that it was time for me to apply myself where I'm needed. By the end of the meeting, I was ready for any calling I was given. I knew the Lord would give me the strength to do it... even if it was Relief Society teacher. Oh, please don't let it be Relief Society teacher... ha ha.

One of the Bishop's counselors came up to me afterwards and just blurted it out - "How would you feel about being a Den Leader in the Cub Scouts?" Ummmmm, my mind just went blank. I said, "Suuuuuure. I have no idea what that entails." I wasn't expecting that one. He said to not worry, that there was a training I could go to, and that there was another Den Leader and she'd fill me in. He shook my hand and that was it. Ha ha. I told Zay, "I'm gonna be a Den Leader in the Cub Scouts." And he just chuckled.


So, since then I've learned way more about the Boy Scouts than I've ever known (none of my brothers finished the program, I don't think... and Zay didn't do Boy Scouts when he was younger). I'm in charge of the Bears. Kal comes with me to our twice-a-month meetings and gets to spend time with the older boys at Church. Which is awesome. It's not that bad of a calling after all! I kinda like it. We get to do all kinds of fun stuff and it's relaxed and I'm only in charge of 2 boys (and that's if they show up, ha ha). Sometimes we do combined activities with the other den leader. Easy peasy!

Thank goodness it wasn't Relief Society teacher. Plus, this will be so good for me because I'll know way more about the program once Kal gets to that age and starts Cub Scouts himself. I get excited thinking about him being a cute little Boy Scout. *squeal!*

On a tour of the library...

I don't know what this thing is, but it's creepy.

Trying to warn me about the monster behind me.

Ice cream cones. :)

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