Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kal's Best Moments

I started making this list of cute/funny things Kal likes to do. And then I forgot about it. Ha ha. I think this is when he was 1 years old, before he could walk or talk. This list just makes my heart tickle!!! I need to make a new one now that he's a huge talker. There's so many small things I want to remember...

* Dunking his toys in the cat's water, flipping the cat's food bowl over, and swishing his hands around to spread the cat food everywhere
* Putting the cat's entire head in his mouth
* Swishing his hand around in the toilet
* Giggling, naked, crawling away super-speed in the middle of a diaper change
* Propping one foot up on his high chair tray, leaning his elbow over one side, like "Ahhhhhhh... I'm so full!"
* Nodding up and down and then shaking his head 'no' over and over with a big grin on his face
* Laughing in his room by himself and I find him and the cat fighting, Kal with fistfuls of fur
* Cracking up at us when we're exercising
* Putting his orange basketball sunglasses on and then pulling them off really fast and grinning
* Trying to play peek-a-boo with us, but he does it so fast... there's no surprise element... he just wants to get to the good part
* Instead of reading a book, he flips it over (breaking the binding) and pushes it all over the room
* Diving headfirst into the cat's bed, and then just staying like that with his butt up in the air
* Filling up a container in the bath with water and then trying to drink it
* Filling up a container with blocks and then trying to drink the blocks out of it
* Crawling up to the cat and then turning around, sticking his butt out, and plopping down right on top of him
* Stuffing as much food as possible in his mouth and then using his little fist to shove it all in
* Carrying things in his mouth around the house
* His serious face when he throws a basketball
* Singing to himself in his crib in the mornings before we get him up
* Yelling nonsense when he wants attention
* Feeding us Cheerios
* Trying to kiss the cats with his famous wide mouth, slobbery kisses
* Flirting with unsuspecting ladies in public with huge grins and nods of approval
* Bobbing his head to any kind of music, even boring church hymns
* Crawling and getting tangled up in the legs of a chair or his high chair and then getting really frustrated
* Doing one-armed squats while hanging onto the side of the couch
* Pushing things violently out of his way when he's got his eyes on and headed towards something across the room
* Pulling his socks off and chewing on them
* Loudly yelling his disapproval and flailing his arms around when he gets left out of football or frisbee-throwing outside
* Slamming his sippy cup down when he's done with it, with NO warning
* Getting super excited to see one of us when we've been gone all day and grinning and kicking his legs like crazy
* Using his kung-fu grip with fingernails to grip us when we're holding him, but sometimes missing our clothing and grabbing a chunk of skin instead
* Screaming and getting scared when I laugh too loud too suddenly, super afraid of my laugh
* Yelling/grunting like a caveman when he wants our food, no matter what it is... he's eaten straight jalapenos, Japanese red bean paste buns, and entire asparagus stalks... he just loves food
* Crawling all over us when we're sitting on the couch and trying to crawl up to the highest point and sit on our heads
* How his little feet touch when he's eating breakfast and watching Pocoyo in the mornings

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