Friday, November 28, 2014

Fall Fun

Going through pics on my phone...

Arrow of Light cookies at Cub Scouts.

Snacks at foster care class.

One morning before work, I saw a BUNNY!!! I tried to chase it, but it scampered away.

He's mastered this thing. I'm thinking he may be off the training wheels by age 4!!! We'll see.

Peeking in on his pre-school class.

Zay getting mad at me for taking pictures. Ha ha ha. At a friend's house watching boxing.

These early mornings are no joke. HA HA.

Zay, barbering it up.

We're growing his baby 'fro out and it's SO CUTE.

At a friend's luncheon after their baby's blessing. I <3 food.

Folks at the baby blessing, admiring the baby. He's such a cutie.

Halloween wreath. Creepy!

Awesome food.

Kal pointing out that the kid next to him is a boy. Good observation! Ha ha.

THIS LITTLE CHERUB!!! I want one! He's the baby who was getting blessed.

Kal saw this big moon over the mountains and was excited about it!

Checking out the moon.

Pics I get texted to me while I'm at work...

He was dancing around to Britney Spears until I brought out the camera and then he got upset.

Showing me what he wants for Christmas.

Trying on his new suit. STUD.

Playing Plants vs Zombies.

Figuring out how I want to put our family pictures on the wall.

Weird creepy moon that lit up the clouds. Wish I knew how to take night photos!

Grumpy butt, getting up for school. Fruity pebbles!

I try to make a real breakfast every once in awhile.

Showing off his dinosaur.

Kal's very unorganized bookshelf that we pick books from every night. Of course he has a picture of Batman & Superman, Jesus, and his birthmama on the top shelf. :)

Beautiful sunrise I get to see every morning before work!

Kal exploring with a friend while the neighbors pick their grapes. I love the smell of grapes on the vine.

Favorite place to ride his bike - the empty Church parking lot during the week.

Selfies on my bike.

Yeah, this happens sometimes.

Off to a hay ride with friends!! At the Red Barn.

Terrible picture, but the only one I got on the actual hay ride. Ha ha. They also had go carts, slides, and pumpkins.

Got soda, ice cream, and cheese at the Red Barn shop.

That was a fun night!

Lots of presents coming in the mail that Kal thinks he can open today but I hide them in the closet for Christmas. He's learning patience. :)

Trying to stay up with the big boys watching sports. Can't cut it.

Kal & Zay like to go out to eat while I'm at work. They've been spending a lot more time together lately since Zay quit his job.

Ways couples show that they love each other... when I get pics like this.

Lots of stark white (not even a LITTLE pregnant, ha ha) pregnancy tests I've been taking. Laaame.

My "Eat, Drink, and be Crabby" cup I use at work everyday.

Lots of late night dancing goes on in this place.

Waiting for Zay to get out of class.

The gear. I love my '90s jean jacket.

The cutest thing ever... little boy in footie pajamas.

I totally won some makeup in a blog giveaway. Woot woot!

This fall hasn't been so bad. Wish I were pregnant, dangit. But all the other fun things will have to do for now. Cuz life is good the way it is. :)

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