Sunday, November 30, 2014

Halloween 2014

Kal is obsessed with Power Rangers. "Dino Thunder, power up! Ee-YAH!" He got a Power Rangers costume for his birthday way back in March and insisted that he wear it several times a week since then, to bed as his pajamas, and then as his Halloween costume. It was an absolute disgrace by Halloween. He ripped the butt, stained it by eating spaghetti in it, and small holes and "runs" in the fabric were popping up everywhere. It was faded and falling apart. But I let him wear it. And I was embarrassed. Ha ha. I just didn't have the energy to fight him about it. I got him some accessories to go with it and he was so happy. I let him get one last use of it because he loved it so much and then I tossed it in the trash as soon as we were home on Halloween night. Bye bye, Power Rangers. I'm starting to get sick of ya.

We made a jack-o-lantern earlier in the week and "dressed it up" with hair and a hat and called it a witch. It rotted into a creepy old lady face by Halloween. I like creepy old lady faced jack-o-lanterns. :)

We went to Best Buy's Halloween party. It was nice to have that one last time to say goodbye to everybody and since then Zay has been so happy about leaving that job and taking a break until school starts full-time in January. And by "break," I mean he's only taking one class right now and taking care of Kal most days and cutting hair as usual. So... it's a break for him, because he's constantly working and now he actually has time to pause and enjoy time with his family. We're so glad to have him home!!!

We went to my work party too. It was fun. It's been a few years since I've been in a work environment where people dress up for Halloween. I didn't want to be a party pooper, but I felt totally unprepared for Halloween this year. Last minute I decided to be a "fork in the road." It was easy and cute. :) One of my co-workers came in a home-made pinata costume and it was pretty dang cute! She joked that her husband wanted to carry a bat and wear a shirt with a pinata on it that said "I'd hit that." But it seemed inappropriate... like domestic violence or something (like the Ray Rice costumes that were popular this year). But I thought it was hilarious. I totally thought wearing a Hazmat suit would've been awesome because another co-worker of mine was freaking out a little bit about Ebola and she cracks me up... she's a believer in some conspiracy theories too and she always has me giggling.

Kal and Zay got to meet all my co-workers. I was so proud of my desk, ha ha. I showed them with a big sweep of my arm, "And here's my work space!" :) I remember I used to say how much I wanted my own cubicle one day. I'm all about having an office job. An office is way better than a cubicle, by the way. I share an office with two other ladies, but one day... ONE DAY I'll get my own! Like a real fancy pants business woman! I was so happy to have my boys there. We ate pizza and sat around and talked, but not too long. Who wants to stay longer at work than they have to? Ha ha.

We had a trunk-or-treat at Church and a chilli cookoff on actual Halloween night. I took Kal mall trick-or-treating and Zay stayed home and watched basketball (or something) and passed out candy. It was a pretty fun Halloween this year! Next year I'll try to think ahead and really dress up. Zay never dresses up and says he's going as a minority for Halloween. Lame. Ha ha. Kal wanted so bad to "dump" his bag of candy just any old place but I got him to wait till we got home before he dumped it all out and we went through it all. I took some of the good stuff. Good thing he doesn't like chocolate... weird kid. :)

Witch jack-o-lantern.

Going through his stash.

Hanging out with Wolverine.

Zay's work party

Totally cracked up at the girl who dressed like a polygamist for Halloween. So wrong. Ha ha.

Cool idea to fill gloves with water to make ice shaped like a hand!

Kal and his terrible outfit. Zay even left Kal's shorts on underneath and you can see them. HA HA.

Halloween bag station for the kids at my work party.

Costume winners at my work. Love the pinata costume!

Have no idea what I was laughing about. Ha ha.

A neighboring business invited people from my job to their Halloween party as well. It was pretty cool. And good food!

"Fork in the Road" Halloween costume.

He immediately spotted every other Power Ranger and had to be best friends with them in that moment.

Ridiculous amount of Elsa and Anna costumes were out and about this year. It was nice to see a different Frozen costume (she's a troll)!

We were at the mall and Kal saw these girls taking pictures in the photo booth. He totally crashed their party and they were excited to have him join them. He is such a flirt.

Old lady witch face jack-o-lantern.

Kal's favorite book around Halloween was "The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever." But he'd get the story mixed up with Curious George's Halloween episode about the creepy headless scarecrow called "No Noggin." He points to this scarecrow and starts talking about No Noggin every time we read this book. It's so funny. :)

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