Saturday, November 22, 2014

People Drive Me Nuts


Now I remember why it sucked trying to get pregnant years ago...
  1. because my body just WON'T GET PREGNANT
  2. I hate taking pills... shots would be worse...
  3. fertility treatments are expensive
  4. annnnd... people get on my nerves with their advice
This quote pretty much sums it up:
Between me and my fertility-challenged friends, we've been told that having long hair causes miscarriages (when your hair is too long, all of the nourishment goes to your hair and not a baby), if you buy a new mezuzah, you'll get pregnant without any issues, you should stop jogging, douching is the key to conceiving or the ever popular, "just relax and you'll get pregnant in no time!" line.
The fact that your friends or relatives think they can tell you why you're not getting pregnant when your reproductive endocrinologist (who specializes in infertility) can't, never ceases to astound me. I saw some of the top doctors in Manhattan and I assure you, if any of them believed that my husband wearing his socks made any difference, they would have mentioned it.

Infertility is an actual medical issue. Imagine you're speaking to someone who has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. Their blood sugar levels are high and they are worried about it. Would you say to them, "Have you tried going on vacation?" or "Don't think about it so much and your sugar level will drop on its own!" You wouldn't. You know why? Because it's dumb and you're not a doctor.

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