Thursday, November 13, 2014


Kal is in pre-school!!! He is growing up so, so, so fast. He was ready for school and it broke my heart that I needed to let him go in that small way, but it has been such a good change. I went back and forth about it for almost a year before we finally got him signed up with a school we really liked.

I didn't wanna wake him up that first day!

We've learned he's not a morning person.

The time came when I felt like my reign as stay-at-home mom should end. I needed to find a job outside of the home. Kal needed constant social interaction with other kids. So, school for him and work for me was the perfect solution for us at this point in time. I spent two and a half years with this little knucklehead all to myself and it was awesome. I feel beyond grateful that I got to do that.

But I imagined our life would be different at this stage. I imagined I'd be home with another baby or two. I struggled with letting that image go and embracing a new one. This is definitely Plan B. But I'm working with what I'm given at this point. I'm learning to focus on what is and what isn't in my control and to be cool with that.


I'll always remember this past summer because it was THE BEST. I'll always remember our attempt at having "school" at home... let's call it "play school" ... that gave us a structure to our day that was helpful and nice to fall back on. We just had so much fun together and knowing it was all coming to an end was super bittersweet.

But I know he's right where he needs to be because he LOVES SCHOOL. Omg. He comes home rattling off about anything and everything and talking about his friend Ian (the only other bi-racial kid in his class... ha ha) and his teachers and what he did that day. The way he runs to me and jumps in my arms when I pick him up and he yells, "MOM!" The way his teachers rave about him. The way his friends get excited when he shows up and yell, "There's Kal!" Oh, my heart. I love it all. I even love the break, but don't tell him that. Tee hee. Cuz I do miss him during the day. It's conflicting.

He has his own little cubby. HOW CUTE.

He gets little status updates most days about how he did, if he ate his food, if he slept during nap time, what they did that day. It's super cute and his teachers are fun. Kal's vocabulary was already exploding, but now he uses all kinds of words and expressions and it tickles me every time I hear a new one.

I sure do love being a mom. Every little exhausting moment of it. Kal has crazy amounts of energy. He definitely needs other little kids to run him ragged during the day. Preschool has been a big change for us, but a good change. I get so excited to see his little face at the end of every day!

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