Thursday, November 20, 2014

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Like I mentioned before, I got a jooooooob! I started at the beginning of September and have been working full-time since then. Woot woot!

I put Kal in school so that I could focus on applying and going to job interviews. I went to 4 or 5 interviews the week he started school. I lost count. It was an intense week of trying to figure out what the right "fit" was for me. And battling insecurities about what kind of job I thought I'd be good at or was "worthy" of.

I had this nagging feeling that I hadn't given myself a fair shot at working in the business world after graduating college. I took a break from working after I graduated, then got a job that I liked but ended up being totally wrong for me, quit to stay home with Kal, and then felt totally out of it when it came to working again and trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. All I knew is that I craved working again and I wanted to give myself a fair shot at using my education. Now that Kal is school-ready and the whole adding another child to our family situation isn't happening, there is no reason to sit around and wait and put our lives on hold because of infertility and failed adoptions. Screw that. I'm taking back charge of my life.

I spent a good deal of time this summer thinking about what I like as far as a job environment. I tried the animal shelter thing to see if I liked working with animals. I'm still doing that, by the way! But I enjoy the volunteering part, not actually working with animals. What I do know I like is to be busy. I like a professional office environment. I like using my brain. I like structure and routine. I like to be competitive. I've always wanted to be able to say, "I work in finance." I like having intelligent discussions with other adults. I'm not good at sales, so no sales. Etc. So I tried to use all that criteria in my search.

And the perfect job totally fell out of the sky! Zay was cutting hair and his clients' mom was there. Zay said, "Do you know anybody that's hiring? My wife's looking for a job." She said, "I'm hiring!" She had just interviewed people for an underwriter position at her company and the girl who was supposed to start that week had emailed over the weekend that she wouldn't be taking the job. So... you know that week I took off to focus on finding the right job for me? Well, I started at my new job that very next week! It was absolutely perfect timing. The job fell right in my lap and I love, love, love working again. It can be a really busy job, so I feel rejuvenated... like I'm my old productive self again. I work in an office with two awesome ladies. I get to talk to real life adults on a regular basis about business-related things. I don't have to sell anything. I can be competitive about how fast I get certain things done. And I can say I have a fancy schmancy finance job. Woot woot!

Now I don't know what the future holds. This job takes precedence over other plans for now. So I'm focusing hard on it, learning the ins and outs and trying to do a great job at it. I'm so excited that I didn't settle for a crappy job and I got one that could be a huge stepping stone to a real career. Omg, I'm so excited! And, just to keep it real - I totally cried on the phone when I got the call that I got the job. That's how emotional and grateful I was about it all. I totally rocked the interview and didn't settle for less and it feels so good! I'm just glad my new supervisor didn't think I was a blubbering idiot because of my over-expression of thankfulness. Ha ha.

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