Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Quick Catchup with Pics

Photo dump from my phone:

Kal and his remote control dinosaur.

First little sprinklin' of snow in Nov.

He cleans up nice. :) I think I'll keep him.

My stash of ovulation predictor tests and pregnancy tests.

Zay sent me this pic while I was at work and he and Kal were watching Power Rangers. He said, "WTF is the green ranger's pose?" Ha ha ha.

I tad bit more snow, but still not what I was looking for.

Checking out the beard.

I told Kal to pick out any book in the library he wanted. And he picked "Working Cotton" and I laughed SO HARD. I read parts of it to my mother-in-law on the phone and she was like, "Ooh - child! They forgot to take that book outta circulation!" Ha ha. Apparently it won awards or something, but it just sounded racist to me.

Zay's famous wings. Or how he says it, "Wangz."

Kal's version of a puppet show at the library.

Got our Ancestry DNA tests in the mail. That was my Christmas present - to get all our DNA tests done so we can see the breakdown of our ethnicity. So cool! :)

Thanksgiving with the closest thing we have to family out here (besides my bro).

Kal waiting for his plate. He fits right in with these guys, just one of the crew.

Thanksgiving. Scrumdiddlyumptious.

Church Christmas party.

His "FOOD PLEASE" look.

Making gingerbread houses with the Cub Scouts.

Christmas lights at the Riverwoods.

Absolutely giddy about seeing Santa.

Then he got nervous...

My handsome little guy.

He was more mesmerized by the fire than the lights. That's my boy!! I love a good fire.

Making cookies.

They are supposed to be reindeer... but they look like they're sucking their cheeks in or are anorexic or something. Eek!

Bowling at Zay's college.

My friend bowling with a baby in her belly and a baby on her hip. Ha ha.

Kal got bored with bowling and got distracted by the video games.

5 Guys Burgers & Fries

There's always a wrestling match happenin'

More Christmas cookies.

The wind is outta control.

It REALLY SNOWED!!! And right on CHRISTMAS day! It's a miracle!

Kal's train table we stayed up late putting together on Christmas Eve night. Then realized it was too big to fit through Kal's bedroom door on Christmas, so we had to do some fancy maneuvering to get it in there.

Waking up Kal on Christmas day (because he likes to sleep in... he doesn't care what day it is). He spilled Cheerios EVERYWHERE. What the...?

I said, "Kal - you ready for presents?" And he hopped up and ran so fast into the living room and I was giggling, so I didn't catch a good picture.

Our living room destruction.

I always look horrible on Christmas morning. I never think about being in pictures. I gots to do better. Ha ha.

Christmas was awesome and now Kal actually plays in his room for lovely, glorious long stretches at a time. LOVE IT. :)

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