Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ancestry DNA Tests

I'm pretty fascinated with my DNA right now. Is that weird? Ha ha.

I ordered 3 DNA tests from as my Christmas present. :) It was so funny trying to get Kal to spit in the tube. He actually turned out to be a great spitter. He just didn't have the attention span to complete it, so I had to keep following him around the house till I got it filled up!

Zay and I kept betting that the other person had more or less white/black in them than we thought. He kept saying, "I'm fresh off the boat. My granddad's from Zambia. Ain't no white in me." And I kept saying, "I bet there is! And watch me come up with 1% African - I will be so excited!" He said, "Not a chance. You're whiter than white. I bet your folks are from Scandinavia."

We talked about what we know about Kal's background and wondered what his DNA test would tell us. He's so light-skinned, but has super kinky "black" hair. His birth father is not involved in his life and we only know a handful of facts about him, so this test would give us some awesome info about where he comes from and maybe/hopefully we can make a connection to his birth father's side of the family one day.

I love working on our family history and tracing our lines back as far as I can. I think Kal's biological line is just as important as him being grafted into our tree, so I'd like to do more research there. I've been stuck on Zay's line for awhile, but I was hoping his DNA test would match us to some of his cousins who might have more information. A lot of my family history is done because my mom and other family members have done a ton of research before I ever got involved in it. I'd heard we had Native American in us somewhere, so I wanted to really see if that showed up in my DNA or not.

I think knowing your roots and your ancestry is super important. It's kind of amazing that we are here right now as descendents of so many combinations of people over thousands of years. I exist today because of those who've come before me. That's just crazy fascinating to me. As a side note, though - I think "matching" DNA is most definitely not a requirement for a family. Not at all. The fact that Kal shares no biological connection to us means NOTHING because our family is bonded by love over here! In fact, his DNA being different made this whole thing more interesting and complex. I love every little strip of his DNA, ha ha. It didn't have to come from me.

So, the results?

I'm whiter than white. And a big ole chunk of me comes from Scandinavia. No Native American and no African. Whomp whomp. I am so lame. :)

Zay's a whole 5% European, 1% of which comes from the UK. He's whiter than I thought!!! HA HA HA. And has a tad bit of Native American, which I think is awesome. It showed a small trace of Polynesian and Zay was like, "That doesn't make sense. Cuz black folks don't like the water." Lol. What?

Kal's results showed a beautiful array of DNA spread throughout quite a few different regions of Europe and Africa. And it even had a trace of East Asian, so I'm gonna go ahead and claim that as Japanese, because that would be so friggin' awesome, haha.

Ancestry will show you if your DNA matches with someone else in their database, so I'm hoping to make some breakthroughs with my genealogical research that way. You can also download your raw DNA info and use it however you want, so I've been looking for different apps to run it through that will show more genetic health-related information. If I have some sort of genetic mutation or susceptibility for a certain disease, I would like to know that kinda stuff. Zay on the other hand would rather not know. He just wants to die in ignorance one day, lol. Not me! I wanna know everything.

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