Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's a Girl... Whoops, It's a Boy!

There was a couple weeks after being matched when I could NOT get a hold of S. Longest two weeks ever. I thought, was she even sure? After 30 minutes of talking? She's not answering her phone. Is she just afraid to talk to me? What the heck is going on? I don't wanna be a crazy stalker lady, so I left her be. Turns out, she thought I was somebody completely different - (801) area code throwing her off, I think... looking like an 800 #. Anyway, once she knew I was trying to reach her, she apologized profusely. And we've been talking almost every day since. :) Whew.

When I finally did get to talk to her again - a couple weeks into December, she had some important news. The baby girl she thought she was carrying all the way up till about 30 weeks is actually a BABY BOY! What the...? I definitely wasn't expecting a gender flip-flop! So, now I've shifted focus and have tried to think of boy names that start with "S" that I like. That's our only naming tradition that we're sticking with. Naming our babies after the first letter of their birthmom's first name. We did it with K and Kal-El and we want to do it with S and baby boy "S." In my journal, I scribbled down contenders off the top of my head... Sage, Shae, Shiloh, Shayne, Shamar. Hmmmm.... I love baby-name-picking, but usually my choices are pretty unusual. Sometimes I worry about my poor children. Ha ha. But anyways, a boy is just fine by me! Even easier.

My emotions were at first pretty hesitant. Not very excited at all. Super hopeful, but cautious. There were some hurdles to get through first. Figuring out how the heck we're going to pay for the adoption (it'll be about 3x more expensive than Kal's was). Then S leaving the agency's housing to drive from Kansas to Arkansas to see her family for Christmas (worrying about whether she'd actually come back). The facilitator between us and the agency there called me and was bringing up more money than was originally talked about and saying S was "demanding" more money. Very confusing. She doesn't seem like the type to "demand" anything, but of course people can be manipulative. So I've been ON GUARD for weeks and prepared at any moment for something to completely fall apart and people's true colors to shine through. We've been burned. It's hard to trust anybody.

Slowly, though... everything is falling into place. I've had to coordinate way too many adoption professionals to work together and have been super frustrated with getting the last bit of paperwork in before we travel (in just a few short weeks). But it is coming together. Just not fast enough to keep me un-stressed about it all.

Overall, despite everything... I feel at peace. I know, right? How?? But the actual relationship with S is pretty fantastic and we want to help her whether she places with us or not. And even though communication with this new agency is kind of a mess and getting paperwork sent in is kind of a hassle, it still feels like the actual adoption - the actual placing of this baby in our arms - is going to happen. And I don't need to worry about that part. Just the legalities and the paperwork annoyances. But if I just keep hanging in there and doing everything I can to make it go as smoothly as possible, all this madness will be behind us in a few weeks. And we can focus on being parents of two amazing little boys, BROTHERS! *squeal!* and keeping that open adoption relationship going. That's gonna be what all of this has been for. Fighting for our family and it finally coming together.

On a side note, Kal is so ready to have a brother. As evidenced by how he acts when he gets together with his friends. Lol.

At a friend's birthday party.

Shooting a hadouken? A fire ball, maybe? Ha ha. Boys are hilarious. I'm looking forward to having TWO!!

We saw the movie "Big Hero 6." It was cute! :)

Totally non-Paleo approved cupcakes. Ha ha ha. And I successfully avoided them as well as movie-theater popcorn, so I think I'm on a roll with this new diet thing. :)

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