Friday, January 30, 2015

New Year's Resolutions - Plus Baby #2's Name!

It's still January, right? I can talk about New Year's Resolutions. :)

We started the year with big ideas about sticking to a Paleo/Whole Foods type of diet. We did great... for 3 whole weeks. Then I found out my mom was going to have heart surgery (it went very well, by the way) and work got crazy busy and I got a little overwhelmed. Zay started school and was trying to wrap his head around Astronomy, Geology, Philosophy, and Psychology... and he got a little overwhelmed. So, we went and ate at Village Inn... and I had a donut... and I went to a business lunch at P.F. Chang's. So I guess you can say we're not doing it religiously anymore. But that's okay.

We both lost some weight, we've got new Paleo recipes we'll keep in the rotation, and we shop at Sprouts a lot more, but OMG I love carbs. I don't crave sugar as much as I did before. I can eat an apple and get my sweet tooth taken care of. So, that's awesome. I didn't really eat apples before. Now I'm chompin' on 'em all the time. The weight loss really boosted our spirits, because we've been stagnant for so long. Anyway, it was a good experience. But it wasn't something we could keep up. We need to dial it back a tad bit, but still hang onto some of those good habits in the long run.

So, resolutions... Hmmmm... I'm having a hard time coming up with specific goals. I just wanna survive the year. Ha ha. Keep working. Get Zay through this semester. Get Kal into soccer and karate (his two chosen activities). Adopt a baby!!! Eventually when things settle down, I want to relax and simplify and just enjoy. I'm looking forward to the summer. Seeing how stressed school is making BOTH of us, I think Zay should take the summer off. That's gonna do wonders, so I'm excited for that slow-down period. He may be in school for forever, but we'll get there one step at a time. I'd rather not be stressed out the whole time. Zay's happy with that. He wants to be "Mr. Mom" again for a little bit. He wants to cook for me and take care of the kids and keep the house clean and I'm all like, "Fine by me!!" Food makes me happy. A clean house makes me happy. Even better if it's done when I get home from work and I didn't have to lift a finger. He's so awesome like that. :)

I also want to not be stuck to my phone, so I'll be taking time off from social media every so often. No set goal, though... cuz I'll break it, I'm sure. But I do want to teach myself to set my phone/camera down and just enjoy things without "documenting" all the time. I can't wait for the day when I don't need a cell phone. Right now I make all my hair appointments with that dang thing, but I wish I could trash it. Go back to the '90s when cell phones were for rich folks only. Lol. I don't like the idea of people being able to reach me at any given time. I don't know. I like some space. Ha ha. I didn't get a cell phone until I was like 25. Out of necessity. I wish I could go back in time and choose not to! As for blogging, I have a love/hate relationship with it. But for now, you're stuck with me. Until I decide I ain't got nothing to say.

But I've got lots to say! Because this adoption journey may possibly, hopefully (omg-please-let-this-be-the-one) be coming to a happy ending! That's something worth talking about. Baby boy's due in 3 weeks. We'll be headed out to Kansas in 2 weeks. That's so friggin' soon! Happy 2015 to me!!!

Oh, and we picked out a first name... still working on a middle name. He's gonna stay in our room with us for the first little bit, so I made a little "nursery corner." :) I'll talk more about baby name pickin' later. But for now, I can tell ya his name is Shakir. And I'm SO ready to meet him!


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