Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just Checkin' In

I'm still alive, I promise! Just been reeeeaaally sleepy. :)

Last night I got the best sleep I've gotten since Baby #2 arrived - two whole solid chunks of sleep, about 4 hours each. Whoo hoo! So I'm feeling pretty chipper today. My emotions have settled into this nice warm happiness... like everything is right in the world. Most of my conflicted emotions have died down into contentment. Especially since Shakir's birthmom is so easy to get a hold of and talk to. I need that connection and I know she does and Shak will too.

A small part of me worried about how Zay and I would fare with two kids. Not seriously worried, but I wondered if we'd get annoyed with each other while trying to work together. But something happened once baby Shak showed up. It was like Operation Teamwork kicked in something fierce and we are just ROCKING IT. Seriously. I am kinda giddy about it. I'm falling in love with this man of mine all over again. He has brought me chocolate on many occasions, ha ha. He has hopped up with the baby in the middle of the night, shushing me back to sleep because he's "got this." I've been grinning like a school girl with him lately.

Normal things we were stressing about are overshadowed right now. When my clean-freak hubby is happily sitting in a pile of laundry (completely ignoring it) while feeding a baby... I know something's changed. The world feels brighter somehow. Easier. Not because it is. It's probably harder. But in our minds right now it feels easier because we wanted this so much... and he's here. And the weight of finding Baby #2 is gone. I knew it was a stressor, but feeling it lifted made me realize how much it really was weighing on us.

Thank you for joining us, little man.

Shak Attack

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