Our TTC timeline:
Jul 2004: Got married at 18, never intended to ever use birth control and to just see what would happen, but I remember when I was younger I always felt like I wouldn't be able to have babies.
2004-2008: Paid little attention to getting pregnant while going to school, just assumed I was "infertile" and it would never happen.
2008: Was given some sketchy fertility information from a nurse who sounded like she'd never heard of irregular cycles before, made me think there wasn't much I could do or that fertility was all kind of random.
Nov 2008 Got a little bold and made an appointment with a fertility specialist, was diagnosed with PCOS (based on my irregular anovulatory cycles and high testosterone), began fertility treatment with Clomid, thought it would be this magical pill that just fixed everything, started on a really low dose. Started charting my basal body temperature to track ovulation.
Nov-Mar: Clomid did not induce ovulation at all at first. Fertility specialist was super cautious about increasing my dose, citing a higher risk of multiples as his reason. He wanted me to get pregnant on the lowest dose possible. Felt like I wasted a lot of time that way.
Feb 2009: Requested info about adoption, because I knew that's something we would do eventually, so why not now?
Apr 2009: Graduated from BYU and suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. Educated myself on fertility. Couldn't believe how much I didn't know about the reproductive system! Eek! My 5th cycle on increasing doses of Clomid FINALLY resulted in ovulation (!!!), but no pregnancy.
May 2009: Same dose of Clomid didn't result in ovulation the next cycle.
Jun 2009: Changed fertility specialists, started taking Metformin for insulin resistance (symptom of PCOS), 7th cycle on Clomid, didn't ovulate at all, kept increasing doses of Clomid and Metformin according to what my doctor wanted me to do.
Aug 2009: Not sure if I ovulated. I think I did. It was a sketchy cycle. Not pregnant though. Checked for male factor infertility, which IS a contributing factor as well. That's just great (sarcasm), but explains a lot. Doctor informs us IUI would help, but wanted to try a few more cycles "on our own" (with Clomid) first.
Sep 2009: Ovulated! No pregnancy.
Oct 2009: Ovulated! No pregnancy.
Nov 2009: 11th cycle on Clomid (5th on Metformin as well)... didn't ovulate at all, officially started adoption paperwork.
Dec 2009: Ovulated! No pregnancy.
Jan 2010: Ovulated! No pregnancy.
Feb 2010: Next step was IUI, but I was tired and gave up, wanted to focus on adoption, stopped meds.
2010-2013: Went back to crazy, infrequent, irregular anovulatory cycles.
Oct 2010: Approved to adopt.
Dec 2010: Finally ended the longest cycle I've ever documented - 192 days between periods! My body has no idea what it's doing.
Mar 2011: Adopted a baby! Enjoying motherhood!!! This is about the time they say a woman gets pregnant, right? Right after she adopts? Well, that is FALSE.
Jan 2013: Approved to adopt again.
Jul 2013: Failed adoption.
Sep 2013: Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and vitamin D deficiency, began treating it.
Jan 2014: 2nd failed adoption. Decided to use up last 3 cycles' worth of Clomid I still have on hand (without Metformin because it makes me sick) and then decide what to do after the 3 cycles. Ovulated! No pregnancy.
Feb 2014: Ovulated! No pregnancy.
Mar 2014: Last cycle trying Clomid on our own. 16th cycle on Clomid total, 7 of which didn't even result in ovulation so there was no chance of conception. Ovulated! No pregnancy. AA is SO DONE with Clomid.
Apr 2014: Fertility Center Consultation
May 2014: Had ultrasound to confirm PCOS. Yet another semen analysis to confirm MFI. Looked at all our options with IUI, IVF, IVF with ICSI. All the statistics, all the costs. Decided against those kinds of fertility treatments for now and want to take a more natural approach for awhile.
Jun 2014: Started cyclical bio-identical progesterone treatment for PCOS (and I'm back on Metformin); and Zinc supplement for MFI, on top of all the other supplements we've been taking.
Sep 2014: AA's labs look great for the first time ever! Cycling regularly, not ovulating yet though. Started treating MFI with Clomid and Vitamin D - excited to see the results of this in a few months!
Feb 2015: Adopted Baby #2!

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